The stuff I did

I went to Mysterium and graduated! Yay! Oh, you wanted detail… well they were both incredibly awesome! Uh huh!

Seriously though, they are both awesome, but boring to write about.


I think about blog posts all the time, yet I never write them… I’m trapped in my own thoughts about what I should write. If I’m actually going to be interested in the writing career, I need to write more than 140 character phrases every two weeks, or when I remember, and I need to write them down well. What this means is that wordpress global dashboard button in google chrome will now be moving up to #1, ahead of xkcd, youtube, and the other random crap I look at on the internet. I’m really going to put effort into this now, and tell lots of people about it so I feel bad if I don’t update. I think this is the longest running blog I’ve ever had, that actually got a post every few months (years? O.o) So with that, the post following this one will be about the only two major events that’ve happened in the past three months.


It’s breakfast… at lunch!

Start your day off right, with breakfast… at lunch time!

The school has finally realized something, and are showing it though the cafeteria first. Teenagers are actually starting to wake up at lunch time! Today’s lunch was an amazing… breakfast sandwich (essentially, Egg McMuffin… with a higher price.) It was OK, but it’s nice that school is willing to admit that it should start later.

Otherwise, MG attacked Joker’s Wild, another awesome meeting with him. Life’s good.

Happy March ’09!


I have one of these puppets that were sold while this was still a famous kid’s show. Perfectly describes March so far.


Are we coming in like a lion or a lamb this month? Starting to feel like a lamb, honesty. One that hasn’t been shaven in a while so we’re staying warm outside and getting out of winter finally! We win! More holidays this month of course. We got the St.Pat’s day, a few relative’s birthdays (including my kitteh’s!)

Second Life and the uruites have the St.Pat’s day parade planning going on. Should be a treat to see and experience what they come up with in this year’s parade now that it’s taking place in SL, and not in uru. This transition has taken too long. It’s becoming a permanent situation for many and it’s beginning to seem like a “split time” situation is going to become “split harddrive space” situation, where the SL portion will be accessed more often and uru is installed just so we can say we support it and go in there. 

Looks to me like we’re still in for a long ride. If we thought we were divided before, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let me just say another few things about the blog status now for me and my personal happiness to get it out there. Is it awkward to make more than one post a day? Sometimes I feel like ranting about a certain subject and I feel like it’d be nice to have different posts about different subjects going on continuously. I mean, I’m not multiple people who can work on lots of articles at once to put out for the public to read, but I feel as though I still should get to write all I want. What do you think? Would it be awkward looking to do multiple commentary stories throughout the day? I think I could manage straying away from my life in some of them to just to commentary about moments with a “life” post here or there.

Comments are of course appreciated. (I’m gonna keep spamming this at the end until some folks actually do! It’ll be the day!)

Bringing out the old habit trash


*cough, cough* Whew, it’s dusty in here. I haven’t used this in ages. My old habits of starting a blog and then not continuing have returned to dominate me. Holy moly, WordPress has a new dashboard layout! So awesome! What else have I missed?! A special thanks goes out to Myst Blogs for not removing my name off their list for inactivity! (Hi readers over there!)


I’ve recently developed a fondness for reading more things on the internet, including blogs. I never really got deep into the whole idea of reading these sorts of things, but the more I do, the more I find them absolutely amusing, and educational. People are interesting, plain and simple as that. Now, I think I know how to handle this sort of thing for myself.

Golly, what have I missed these pasts few months. When was my last post? Oh right… OCTOBER. Jeesh, I’ve missed the election of a new president, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, new Second Life developments, the inaugeration of a new U.S. President, my birthday (all in that order!) There’s valentines day too, but that’s only mostly (completely) meaningless to me. Lets group some stuff together to catchup quickly. Holidays and politics.

Merry Christmas Washington D.C.!
Merry Christmas Washington D.C.!

The Holidays

The holidays were typical. Parental FREAKING OUT about gravy, and other assorted food and cleaning holiday chaoses. Of course, I live in a snowy region, hooray for lake-effect snow storms. We’re used to it though, and enough complaining is heard around here, so I won’t add to it in cyberspace. Presents were received, thanks were had, and my birthday was celebrated. All of them culminating in one ideal: iTunes. Apparently my entire family discovered that I bought myself a new iPod touch. It’s my first ever iPod. Well, it’s awesome, and I think I made a post of this long ago in the dark ages of my blog. Well, they were right! I did! And so began the ingenious gifting idea of the iTunes gift card! Please, hold your applause. Or should I say, app-lause. I’ve got app crazy the past few months with all my iTunes money! OK, so I’ve actually been rather conservative in my iTunes spending, though I did make a few spur of the moment purchases in songs. Namely, the Transylvanian lullaby. Don’t know what it is? Go watch “Young Frankenstein.” You’ll know within the first 10 seconds of the movie’s intro.


“Obamamania!” hasn’t swept over me yet as it appears it has the rest of the nation. To be honest, I would’ve voted for Nader purely because I’m sick of the blindness to other political parties besides the republican and democrats we’re so used to. There are other options people! Look ’em up, ask for them to be in debates too! In America ANYONE can run for president, right?! Well, apparently if you have billions to spend, and have already made a name for yourself, sure! (Joe the plumber under the maverick nomination in 2012 anyone?) I dunno, it just makes me ill thinking that we’re forced to choose between the typical parties who will be influenced by the typical stuff we hear from both parties on a continual basis. Don’t hate me for my views on them, I hate, or I guess you could say “love” both parties in the equal negative manner. I’m an equal opportunity hater of the political parties! In any case, all I can say about any president is “we’ll see…” and hope for the best possible outcomes, or at least something that doesn’t end in a nuclear holocaust.

I suppose that update is sufficient enough to get us all caught up with each other once again.

Please comment if you have the time! It’ll be much appreciated on this end!

Good Morning! It’s 2am!

Ever woken up at 2am, felt like it was 6am (your normal wake up time) and then realize the time it ACTUALLY was. Yeah, I just did. It’s not as fun as you’d think. Now, by 2pm today, I’ll have been awake for 12 hours. Thanks for letting me fall asleep at 5:30! *passes out, then remembers he has to go soon* Today is gonna suck, at least yesterday was nice!

A Chosen One

So, I am a chosen one. I don’t think my day could get any better right now! Not only is stuff I thought of being agreed with, it’s a generally positive and beautiful day.

So, a few nights ago, I discovered that I’m going to be able to go to the next Mysterium. I’m quite excited about it. I’ve got no clue when it’s gonna be, but I AM going to go. Not too much to say or complain about today. I suppose I could say that I wish the day would slow down. Then again, bad can still happen today.

In here!

They’re in here. All the time I spend trying to pretend that those events never happened, and now this!? Why?

Why do I act this way about it? We are friends, aren’t we? I don’t think either of us know the status of that right now. I’m not sure I want to…

iPod Madness!

So, I recently got myself an iPod touch, and it is everything I hoped for and more! Speaking of MORE, that reminds me of the version of Myst coming out for it! I’m excited, that’s for sure!

What’s funny is that adults are more interested in the iPod than teens, or so it seems! What’s even more awesome is that I’m writing this on it using the wordpress app!

Ok, so, no real purpose to this post… Just wanted to try the wordpress app on it. 😛

I’ll post something of greater interest when something of interest comes to mind. I’m drawing a blank lately. Let me know in comments if there’s any particular subject matter you’d like to see me talk about. I’m up for anything about myself (ok, almost) or the world. Though I stay away from politics during the US election season… I hear enough of that without wanting to.

Harry Potter Theme! GET IT OUT!

You know how sometimes when you get a song stuck in your head the best way to get it out sometimes is to just listen to it over and over? That’s what I’m trying to do. It isn’t working! As of this writing, iTunes says I have had the song on repeat 68 times. That doesn’t even count the number of times I listened to it before adding it into the itunes library! Hopefully I can listen to it enough on my iPod tomorrow to get it out of my head and not have to listen to it for at least a month. if I don’t, I’m gonna need help with this one… and some of you will probably need it to, after I go crazy and everything.

Just another thing, I’m quite confident in the way the blog works now, and the way it looks. I plan on updating it per-season and holiday to adjust the style. I figure, fall starts today, so we’ll start with fall. Ease ourselves into those two or so months before the snow comes. At least, snow comes here where I live. This also means I’m gonna submit my blog onto Myst Blogs, so people can read this stuff I write. If you’re new, welcome to my blog. Hopefully we’re in for a ride!